December 7th, 2022

I’ve sketched many things; cartoons: from a simple yet terrifying human skull to the princesses of certain Disney Kingdoms, doodles: from a cute Kawaii Hamster to tricky Mandala Art. I’ve practiced Hair – Art for my recent sketch in which Belle is holding a rose, and have also enhanced my skills in sketching lips, which I have used in the same sketch. Till this date, I’ve never experienced such warm and peaceful sensation while sketching. I’ve never believed that such sensations are possible while sketching,  ‘cause I would usually stay worried for the shapes I draw; whether I’m going in the right direction or not.

This sketch of a common, yet ancient, Pirate Ship intrigued me with its such deep-details. I made the sketch with different layers of various pencils; from 2B to 8B. Watching it remoulding from a lighter shade to a darker one, was like seeing the Dusk. While sketching, the most soothing part was when I did the details of the ship, and to my surprise, I found that even the details had further details of their own. It took me some time to figure out the flow of the sails, as each sail had its own amount of tension applied on it. Their varied amount of tension gave rise to another thing(not a problem); each sail would have its own creases which must match the force of tension on the sail.

The shadow effects on this portrait gave me those relaxing vibes(Ooooooooooh, that did felt so good). I sometimes got confused(and I still do get confused) whether the sketch portrays the dusk or dawn; considering the shadows, the time could not be of afternoon ’cause then the Sun would have casted shadows in the lower part of the ship, which is not the case in this portrait. There was a possibility that the portrait was of night-time; as in Medieval Period, the lustrous moon-light would have been enough to provide such glow to light the ship upto this extent. But I kept that ‘night-fall ship portrait’ idea for any other day……….. Oopsie! I shouldn’t have divulged that, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!