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A bit more about me

Welcome to my website, here I’m sharing realistic charcoal, graphite pencil art work & doodles work. Apart from pencil art, I also have passion to play keyboard & reading books. You can browse through my work by clicking Pencil Art & Doodle in menu.

I’m a self learner – be it pencil art or Keyboard & I love to learn new things every other day. I firmly believe in self-learning, as it is indispensable and learning is not procured by chance, it must be attended with diligence & ardor. By the time I was 7 I was quite fascinated about music so I learnt how to play keyboard from YouTube. Moreover, I tried my hands on doodles at the age of 9 and I sketched my first portrait when I was about to turn 12. Though, since childhood, I have always been very curious and imaginative person which made me so creative that I’m able to delineate my mind out on sheets. While I was turning 13 & during lock-down (Oct. 2020), as the whole world was devastated on the account of Covid-19 Pandemic, for me as well, it was getting really hard to deal with it, so to divert my mind I started reading books and by the passage of few months (i.e., till June,2021) I have read almost 16 books (including Harry Potter Series & Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series) as its being said that there is no friend as loyal as a book. In a time of catastrophic change it is learners who inherit the future.

As, I’m still learning & wanted to be a learner through out, any suggestion & tips to improve my skills are always welcome.

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